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Diplegia is a disease that causes paralysis of symmetrical body parts.  These could affect similar parts of the body and on each side. This disease causes weakness, lack of mobility or stiffness in muscle groups Read more…

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Traumatic spinal cord injury is possibly the most catastrophic orthopedic injury, as well as prolonged survival function as a principle; rehabilitation of the accidents has an increasingly significant role. The main aims of rehabilitation are Read more…

Spastic paralysis

Spastic paralysis is a chronic pathologic condition that primarily affects an individual’s capacity for controlling the limbs functions due to stiffness.It is an abnormal condition that is characterized by unpremeditated contraction of one or more Read more…

Lesions on Spine

What is lesions on spine? It signifies that an area of tissue that’s been hurt, destroyed, modified or has an issue. Lesions exist in most medicinal properties, with a vast array of forms which run Read more…

ASIA Score: Spinal Cord Injury

ASIA Score: Spinal Cord Injury Spinal cord injuries have been a common problem in society for several centuries. Although most of the time they are caused by car accidents, the spinal cord compromise is always Read more…

Autonomic Dysreflexia

what is autonomic dysreflexia? Spinal cord injuries have been quite common in recent centuries. It is seen more frequently in young men, and is usually the result of traffic accidents, although it varies greatly depending Read more…