What is a disability?

Disability refers to a mental or physical impairment affecting a person, resulting in his or her inability to carry out normal day to day activities. There are people who have disabilities affecting their cognitive power like those with Down’s syndrome who often can perform only activities requiring lower cognitive function; others are disabled physically with intact mental functions.


Despite recent progress made in countries around the world, it must be faced that disabled people still do not have equal access to jobs with people without disabilities.

There have been changes in developed places in the world to have a more inclusive labor market. In the UK for example, only 45% of disabled are gainfully employed compared to 77% in people without disabilities.

If, however, you are disabled, you should not fail to acquit yourselves with places you are more likely to gain employment.

Having a disability may change your intended employment goal but must never be allowed to keep you unemployed. Let us take a look at some of the jobs you can do.



Self-Employment is the best choice in disability jobs

Let even say, you are unable to secure an office work, you can be your own employer. Selfemployment is still the best job available, both for people living with a disability and people without. You can be your own employer, set up a small sales business and work according to your time and convenience.

More people by the day irrespective of their abilities are quitting 8 to 5 job to work from their homes. One of the areas you can look at is working as a freelance writer if you have great writing skills; you can earn much more than you will ever earn getting a job in an office.

You could also work as a designer, say graphic designing for example; this can also be done from the comfort of your home. Other possibilities include software designing, financial planning, insurance selling, and medical transcribing among many others.

You could also learn a handiwork and work from your home or a rented space away from home. Arts and crafts like beads and jewelry making can be a good source of livelihood.


The world of technology is blind to physical disability; people want to see what you are capable of doing, so if you are a guru in information and technology, you are most likely going to find a firm interested in your ability. There are no disability jobs in the technology industry; you will be judged based on what you can offer. 

Medical Profession

The medical profession is accessible to all. Statistically, it is known to have a fair share of disabled people who have made it to the zenith of the profession. All you need do is find a field that your loss is hardly needed and apply yourself.


The field of education is unarguably the most open field to disable people. There is less restriction in this field and you can study to become a teacher, university lecturer or even pick up an administrative role in this profession.

The world has produced thousands of disabled professionals in this field. Remember the late professor Stephen Hawking who had a profound level of disability but still rose to become one of the greatest physicists of all time.

He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis from age 21 but still became a university professor and went on to teach hundreds of professors. The truth about the field of education is, you make of it as much as you apply yourself.

Government careers for disabled people

Governments across the world are striving to open up more job opportunities for their disabled population. The Bureau of labor statistics indicates that 14.4% of people living with a disability work with the government; Laws have been put in place to protect people with disability from suffering any form of discrimination at work.

There is a general increase effort to make the workplace more comfortable for everybody. So, any time you see a government job opening, consider applying.

There are still limitations for people living with disability but you must never let that defines you; find out what you are able to do and ensure you do it to the best of your ability.

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