A disability in one area of life does not have to hold you back from using your many other natural and acquired talents in an interesting job. Physical or mental challenge does not mean you are inhibited from functioning like other people.

Having a disability will definitely make life a little more difficult, however having the right job can help ease this burden by enabling you to pay the bills and to help you flourish in your other endeavors.

There are many different types of work for disabled and in fact, having a disability cannot hinder you from most jobs that one may be interested in, as long as one meets the requirements with regards to academics.

employement for peoples with disabilities

disabled peoples can work in internet, coding,designing, selling and alot of freelancer things

Over time, the employment rate for people with disabilities has significantly decreased. After years of sensitization and living with people in such conditions, it is expected for professionals and the whole corporate world to adapt and work with these affected individuals.

Conversely, they are still being sidelined in various workstations.

Early perception on employment for people with disabilities

Various humanitarian organizations in partnership with social organizations have spent time and finances in sensitizing the world on accommodating people with physical defects.

While there is still a lot to be done with regards to making change in the world; perception towards people with disabilities is slowly changing. Employers are beginning to consider individuals with such condition in the recruitment processes.

Originally, the campaigns were focused on the disabled people. For a long time efforts have been directed to empowering disabled people.

Motivating and boosting their self-esteems towards approaching employers for opportunities. However, the campaigns are now involving employers where they are sensitized on focusing on professionals skills other than physical makeup of an individual.

It is about contribution and productivity of a person that determines growth of a company, it is nothing to do with image.

Over time, people with disabilities have formed organization and sensitized each other to fight for their rights. Efforts by civil rights society and humanitarian organizations led to the impact and uprising of people living with conditions that hinder their movement and flexibility.

While they are only a handful in the world where most of the people have stereotypes on disabilities, the unity and assertion has led to positive results with regards to accommodation in society.

Moreover, various governments have enacted policies to support equality in humanity. People with disabilities are not less of human in anyway and deserve same treatment as well as equal employment opportunities like the rest.

While there is still stereotyping of disabilities, most national governments have set systems in place to break the social barrier.

Modern corporate culture

The best explanation to the stereotypes and negative attitude towards people with disabilities is lack of exposure. Most of professionals in the corporate world do not have experience working with such kind of people because the previous structures and institutions they have gone have all closed opportunities to these people.

While it is not about throwing blame, the stereotyping and attitudes extend to management levels and experienced individuals in the corporate world. Negative attitude develops early in life of people who live in an ideal society and would gaze at a person with disability.

The perception builds to become organizational culture thus a way of thinking for everyone in a company and eventually in respective industries.

The conflict in the corporate world when it comes to accommodating these people is still based on perception and attitude. Other workers, without any disabilities, interpret it as advantage to their colleagues living with disabilities. Obviously, such people are exempted from some tasks because of their condition.

This is an area of conflict within organizations when perceived as an escape route. It is probably one of the reasons managers tend to avoid employing people with disabilities.

Technology and its role in employment for the disabled

Tools and mechanism are employed in the modern world to enhance lives of people living with disabilities. Some tasks are difficult to run because of the ailments that occasionally involve pain. However, technology offers a chance for such people to go on with daily duties without constant need for help from a caregiver.

In the corporate world or business setting, software helps such people to accomplish professional tasks in all manner of credibility and privacy. Different softwares used as per the individual’s need.

Technology not only enhances skills and independence of these people but also gives them a chance to participate in various activities without stereotype. The innovations is their way to freedom and more productivity at workplace.

Information technology jobs

The IT field is not only focuses on boosting productivity of people living disabilities but also offering them a chance to make a living. Information and communication technology is among the fastest growing industries in the world; the daily innovations and dynamic nature of the field is too fast for relevance of human resource skills. Professionals in the field have to update their skills constantly to remain relevant in the field.

Therefore, there is an opportunity for accommodating people living with disabilities in the profession. Most firms are increasingly creating slots as Employment for People with Disabilities to pioneer the change of culture and attitude towards these people.

The current policy in the IT field on recruitment is based on professional skills rather than physical makeup of an individual.

The goal is productivity and growth of the industry. Human resource is a vital element in the growth process; this gives opportunities to people with disabilities to explore their potential, make a living, and manage the stereotypes. The move in the field also helps in reducing the negative social perception.


Customer service and support is a vital area in any business company; most organizations have not yet explored the magic with effective and efficient customer care services. There is a gap in workforce with relevant skills in most of these positions.

The universal nature of customer services also creates a dire need for more professionals. This is an opportunity for creating work for disabled to fill these positions where soft skills are mostly required.

Attitudes towards employees with disability and employment discrimination

It is all about attitude and exposure of other people in society. There is nothing strange with people living with disabilities.

If anything, it is a health condition that everyone else in society is susceptible irrespective of race, gender, or age; therefore, it is important to create a positive culture towards living with these people. Incorporating them in every aspect of society including school games, employment, and religious activities as well as giving them a chance to serve in leadership positions help in reducing the stigma in society. It also helps in boosting their self-esteem, hence a fulfilling society where everyone is happy and existing in harmony.

Religious organizations and the government have a significant role to play with regards to developing a positive attitude and culture in the whole world.

Negative attitude towards people living with disability is a backward way of living that is unfortunately affecting all areas of the world. Unfortunately, the corporate world, which should be on the forefront in sensitizing the public is also in the same boat.

Research fields

The research field is also deficient of workforce and relevant skills for effectiveness of the process. Innovation, which is key for growth of any business firm, is largely dependent on research. Market research is the basis of relevance of products and services.

The only way to achieve this is increasing number of people and soft skills of the workforce. The challenge is in the current workforce who have a negative mindset towards people living with disabilities.


There is no other explanation other than attitudes, which lead to discrimination against people with disabilities. Civil rights organizations and other society organizations should be at the forefront in sensitizing the public on living with people with disabilities.

It is all about creating a positive attitude and allowing people living with these conditions to fit in society without any stereotypes. Sensitization campaigns will change attitudes and perception and ultimately creating a positive environment suitable for everyone whether in workplace or at home.


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