Learn about my experience to avoid anything that might aggravate your case and cause you pain and hardship, neither you nor your family.

affect the four limbs

Before we start with advice, in quadriplegia, when the spinal cord has been injured from C1 to T3 vertebrae, and the more the injury in axons and neurons was the more the situation of disability for the injured
was complicated due to the relationship between the first vertebrae and the respiratory system and the heart.

For example, C7 vertebra is responsible for movement and sensation of the fingers of the hand, while the C6 vertebra is responsible for the sense and elbow of forearm and others.

You can see the Score Asia to understand the effect of each vertebra on a specific area and thus affect all the functions under its level

Flipping to the right and to the left

You should know that the spinal cord injury causes loss of sensation. He cannot know that his flesh is burning. He does not relax the area of his body that is under pressure. So, he will suffer from bedsores (decubitus ulcers), especially in the area above the buttocks.

So, be careful because treatment is very difficult and requires intensive care and it is costly.

He should also sleep on a bed with anti-decubitus mattresses with monitoring his whole body every now and then and if there is redness in the skin you should treat it quickly before the situation worsens, you can ask his doctor for some anti-ulcer suggestions.

clean is from the belief

The area of the urinary discharge and dirt must be cleaned well with protective fabrics between his thighs and all sensitive areas to prevent redness and to avoid the infection transmitted from the waste to the
urethra then to the bladder, because this will cause complex health problems to the patient and requires to work hard in the urine area against infection by special antibiotics to treat him …

If you use the urine catheter regularly, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and not touch anything when using a foley catheter  (to empty the urine from the bladder).

Maintain the proper posture of the feet

When a person is paralyzed, he must do physical therapy of course. Keep the feet as the normal person and make him stand on his feet to keep them in the right shape and to avoid all the problems of the legs caused by taking the legs of wrong positions for a long period of time.

The same for the hands, ask your physical doctor to give guidance to the treatment nurse In order to strengthen the hands and maintain their normal shape as well as the fingers.

Monitoring urine regularity

The patient with the spinal cord injury can’t feel or control urine. The urine exit through the foley path to the urine bag should be regular and the urine should be monitored regularly to avoid the urinary retention. Moreover, the retention of the urine causes infections and the accumulation of stones which will complicate the situation of the patient.

If you have a headache, redness of your face or high temperature, often this is because of an infection in the urinary tract, I advise you to monitor the urine regularly to make sure it is discharged and it is necessary to do urine tests to ensure that there is no urinary infection
because the negligence may cause kidney infection over time, I advise you to do X-rays and tests for kidneys every six months.

Fiber-rich nutrition:

The patient with spinal cord injury can not feel the need for defecation as well as he doesn’t have the ability to eliminate it, so if the stool is very coherent, it may lead to health complications and causes a rupture of the exit of the digestive system, so the patient must drink enough water a day in addition to away from protein-rich foods and increase fiber-rich foods (Eating fruits,spinach, ….).

Many medications are also used to increase the ease of defecation (it is advisable to follow the medicine given by your doctor). Also, it should be considered to sit even once a day in the wheelchair and not stay in bed for ease of defecation.

You can also discuss the issue of induction of defecation by a the doctor shows you how it is easy to remove the waste using the toilet chair, the process of irritating the anus makes it easy to defecate and empty the intestine.

Physiotherapy  and quadriplegia

Science has not yet reached a cure for spinal cord injuries to solve the problem of paralysis and quadriplegia suffered by the injured as well as hemiplegia
But until now, the physiotherapy is the only way to ensure that you progress in your treatment and recover what can be recovered, It takes a few months ….

But did you know dear that not doing physical exercise can be reflected negatively on your health and leads to the warp of your limbs, muscle stiffness and many complications and pain as well as you kill your hope in treatment …. In the fact I really regret a lot of people who stop physiotherapy and physical exercices because they think that this will not be useful or they do not want to spend money.

I’m in my quadriplegia better to spend the majority of my money on my health than spending on clothes, picnics, delicious food … all the temptations of life are to satisfy ourselves but do you compare them, dear versus trying to get out with less damage and recovery of what can be recovered from your spinal cord injury?

You have the choice but remember that you do not live the moment and that your struggle with a disability is over long-term.

standing up

Do you know that not standing for a long time can lead to many health complications? Yes, you can stand by relying on standup devices you will find in the natural training rooms or you can buy one and put it in your home.
If you can not save money to buy it, get help from a person who can put you on something rectangular such as the window, table or others and stabilize your feet and put a belt around the waist area (Very important) and standing.

you can take help and advice from your physical therapist.

The lack standing up will affect negatively on your digestive system, the respiratory system, the spinal cord and its flexibility, blood circulation and will cause your feet to swell because of the stasis of blood … You can use medical stockings to help the movement of blood in the legs and prevent blood stasis.

medications, drugs and others

quadriplegia, hemiplegia or paraplegia– is not like any other body. If you take a medicine that you used in the past or a drug that may affect your health, keep away from drugs, especially chemical ones, and ask your doctor before taking any dose of any medication.

Any health complication will affect you negatively and you do not need to make matters worse.

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